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Must Have: light blue Coat!


As I've promised you, here is this winter MUST HAVE : light blue coat!! I've created these OUTFITs with the low cost one on the left and the expensive one on the right... I haven't exaggerated with colors, I've decided that light blue had to remain this LOOK main color keeping the black for the rest of the outfit. Which one ...

Le mie TOTES preferite?


My Handbags list cannot be missed! I decided to classify my favourite bags based on their typology. Let's start with the TOTE BAGS! My absolute favorite is the Rockstud by Valentino, casual and chic at the same time. At the second place I could not place the classic and  timeless Kelly by Hermès. Fendi won two positions of my list with the Peekaboo (3.) and ...