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FENDI Resort 2016


Let's speak about FENDI Resort 2016!! I love it, mostly the new colorful and funny PEEKABOO bags! FENDI focus on color, especially on yellow and orange it also maintains dark colors like military green and brown. I've realized some OUTFITS through clothings and accessories of this new collection. What do you think about it? KISSES Partendo dalla sinistra: Mini dress Sandalo Mini Peekaboo Occhiale Centrale: Felpa Cropped Jeans ...

Must Have: light blue Coat!


As I've promised you, here is this winter MUST HAVE : light blue coat!! I've created these OUTFITs with the low cost one on the left and the expensive one on the right... I haven't exaggerated with colors, I've decided that light blue had to remain this LOOK main color keeping the black for the rest of the outfit. Which one ...