A stroll in TREVISO!


Today is the 26’th of December!

To burn off the calories from our Christmas lunch, we decided to take a stroll in the wonderful Treviso .

Teviso is a city full of hidden nooks and crannies begging to be explored and in this post I will take you to some of these spots.
I chose a very casual look, opting for comfort but still maintaining a precise style.
What else can I say?! Come and visit my city!!



20160103_153740 20160103_153250 20160103_154048 20160103_153913 20160103_164118 20160103_163340 20160103_164544 20160103_164932 20160103_162134 20160103_161903

GUCCI Disco Bag

ADIDAS Stan Smith

Vintage Grey Coat

Pullover, Pants & Beanie H&M



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